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Call for Papers

“Knowledge and Information” (K&I) is a peer-reviewed information science
book series appearing as a print and as an e-book version, publishing high
quality research monographs and topic-specific collections of papers as
well. It covers information science to the full extent and alludes
additionally to neighboring sciences such as computer science, computational
linguistics, (information) business administration, and library science. The
language of publication is English.


The scope of information science comprehends representing, providing,
searching and finding of relevant knowledge including all activities of
information professionals (e.g., indexing and abstracting) and users (e.g.,
their information behavior). An important research area is information
retrieval, the science of search engines and their users. Topics of
knowledge representation include metadata as well as methods and tools of
knowledge organization systems (folksonomies, nomenclatures, classification
systems, thesauri, and ontologies). Informetrics is empirical information
science and consists among others of the domain-specific metrics (e.g.,
scientometrics, webometrics, patent analysis), user and usage research, and
evaluation of information systems. Knowledge management is concerned with
the sharing and distribution of internal and external information in
organizations. The information market can be defined by the exchange of
digital information on networks, especial the World Wide Web. Further
important research areas of information science are information ethics,
information law, information sociology, and information policy.


Information science provides basic research for other scientific fields,
among others for computer science and for library science, and for a lot of
practical endeavors, such as the construction of search engines, the
organization of digital libraries as well as commercial information supply,
the operation of catalogues of libraries, museums etc., the installation and
maintenance of corporate knowledge management, the design of Web sites, and
business strategies on the WWW.


The editors like to invite all information science scholars to offer 

·      monographs of research results (including Ph.D.-Theses) and

·      suggestions for collections of papers

for publication in "K&I". All books may have a volume of about 300 pages or
more. Monographs and articles in collections will be reviewed at least by
one of the editors and by one of the members of the editorial board (or
another editor).


For proposals, suggestions, questions etc. please contact

Wolfgang G. Stock (stock at phil-fak.uni-duesseldorf.de),

Sonja Gust von Loh (gust-von-loh at phil-fak.uni-duesseldorf.de) or

one of the co-editors.


For questions concerning the publishing house, K G Saur (Munich), please

Alice Keller ( <mailto:alice.keller at degruyter.com>
alice.keller at degruyter.com).






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