[sigtag-l] CFP ASIS&T AM 08: Reminder

Emma L. Tonkin e.tonkin at ukoln.ac.uk
Fri Jan 4 13:09:33 EST 2008

Hi all,

Happy new year!

Just to remind you about this year's ASIS&T AM CfP: if you have it in mind 
to arrange a panel, now would be the time to find some like-minded 
co-panelists and get writing.

Now that we're in the new year, how about arranging a quick online (IRC) 
chat sometime? Of course everyone's pretty busy now that we're back in 
deadline season. However, the list has grown beyond the size of our 
Mexican-restaurant origins, and there are now a lot of people here who've 
never met online or in person. Hence, it would possibly be a good idea for 
all of us to get to know a little bit about each other, and by extension 
(on the principle that a community is really defined by its members!) what 
this SIG is about.

If you like the idea, let me know, along perhaps with your preferred or 
least preferred dates. As a group, academics tend to be rather too busy 
for aimless chitchat, but as British Telecom used to say, "it's good to 
talk" :-)



Emma Tonkin, Interoperability Focus Officer, UKOLN

On Fri, 14 Dec 2007, Emma Tonkin wrote:

> The call for papers for this year's ASIS&T!

> -------------------------------------
> People Transforming Information - Information Transforming People
> October 24-29, 2008		Hyatt Regency, Columbus, OH
> Complete Call:  HTTP://WWW.ASIS.ORG/Conferences/am08/AM08cfp.HTML
> ASIS&T 2008 will focus on how people transform information as well as how 
> information transforms people.  Submissions by researchers and practitioners 
> are solicited on a wide range of human-centered approaches to topics.
> Contributed papers
> http://www.softconf.com/asis/AM08_Contributed_Papers/submit.html
> The submission of original, recent, formally conducted research and projects, 
> theoretical developments, or innovative practical applications is encouraged. 
> Accepted papers will be published in the digital conference proceedings.
> Contributed posters/short papers
> http://www.softconf.com/asis/AM08_Posters/submit.html
> Two types of posters/short papers are encouraged.  Contributed research 
> posters present new and promising work or preliminary results of research 
> projects.  Contributed best practices posters present the results of design 
> projects, practical implementations or industry innovations. The final 
> version of these short papers will be published in the digital conference 
> proceedings.  During the conference, presenters are expected to display their 
> work as a poster, incorporating text and illustrations as appropriate.
> Technical sessions and panels
> http://www.softconf.com/asis/AM08-Panels/submit.html
> Technical sessions and panels present topics for discussion such as 
> cutting-edge research and design, analyses of emerging trends, opinions on 
> controversial issues, reports by practitioners on current information science 
> and technology projects, and contrasting viewpoints from experts in 
> complementary professional areas.  The final versions of these submissions 
> will be published in the digital conference proceedings.
> Pre- and Post-conference sessions
> http://www.softconf.com/asis/AM08_Pre-Post_Cons/submit.html
> Pre- and Post-conference sessions present topics such as theoretical 
> research, management strategies, and new and innovative systems or products, 
> typically for purposes of concept development or continuing education. 
> Purely promotional programs are excluded.  Formats may include seminars, 
> courses, workshops, and symposia.  Sessions are scheduled for half to a full 
> day and require a registration fee beyond the regular conference fee.
> Submission Deadlines
> Jan.21, 2008	Proposals due for contributed papers, technical sessions 
> panels, and pre- or Post-conferences
> Feb. 25, 2008 	Proposals due for contributed posters/short papers
> March 31, 2008	Authors/proposers notified of acceptance
> May 27, 2008	Final versions due for conference proceedings
> Any problems with electronic submissions should be directed to:
> Richard Hill (rhill at asis.org)
> _____
> Executive Director
> American Society for Information Science and Technology
> 1320 Fenwick Lane, Suite 510
> Silver Spring, MD  20910
> FAX: (301) 495-0810
> (301) 495-0900

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