[Sigpub-l] Strengthening ASIS&T's international position - Response requested

Richard Hill rhill at asis.org
Tue Jun 26 14:34:48 EDT 2007

 Dear fellow ASIS&T members [Sending for Michel Menou, to whom replies should be addressed: micheljmenou [at] gmail[dot]com 
As you may have noticed the Board of Directors decided to establish an International relations Committee. See <http://www.asis.org/irc.html> for its remit and membership. 
The main immediate task of IRC is, in brief, to submit to the Board an international strategy to expand the society's international presence, membership and activities 
There are 2 key requirements for this strategy to be successful. First if should reflect the vision and aspirations of ASIS&T members. Second it should be supported by the active involvement of all bodies of the society and the members who are engaged in international activities. 
We would therefore appreciate if all SIGs and Chapters (including student chapters) would make sure that they maintain a liaison with IRC. 
Once appointed the liaison will have access to the IRC list and wiki with a view to facilitate a two way interaction. 
We urge all members who have regular membership in sister societies whether international or national to let us know and share their views about the ways to establish effective cooperation between these societies and ASIS&T. 
We would very much appreciate your views about the items below: 
1) What should ASIS&T do in order for its members to be more connected with, contribute to and be visible in the international Information Science and Technology arena ? 
2) What should ASIS&T do in order to increase its international membership, how can US members benefit more from international members, how can international members benefit more from their membership, how can US and international members develop more beneficial interaction ? 
3) What is required in order to make the global system of information science societies and their activities (e.g. regular conferences, publications, representation in scientific and policy fora, etc.) more effective in responding to the needs of information scholars and professionals ? 
4) What should ASIS&T do in order to enhance its profile and participation in the global system of information science societies and activities ? 
5) Any other relevant item Please keep in mind that proposals need to be financially and operationally realistic. Send your contributions to michel[dot]menou[at]wanadoo[dot]fr and not to the list from which you received this message. We look forward to hearing from you. 
Thank you in advance. International Relations Committee -- ===================================================================== 
Dr. Michel J. Menou Visiting Professor, SLAIS, University College London, U.K. Consultant in ICT policies and Knowledge & Information Management Chair 
ASIS&T International Relations Committee <http://www.asis.org/irc.html> 

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