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Richard Hill rhill at asis.org
Mon Aug 30 16:38:43 EDT 2004

Dear SIG ALP, CRS and/or PUB member,

As you are probably aware, SIGs ALP, CRS, and  PUB have been inactive for
several years.  Consequently, the ASIS&T Board voted on August 22 to
dissolve these SIGs.  

Part of the rationale is that the last elected leadership asked to have
these SIGs dissolved, and it is false advertising to present the SIGs on the
web, and with e-mail lists, when they are not active.

You are very welcome to select another SIG that is active to replace the
dissolved SIG. 

The list of SIGs is at http://www.asis.org/AboutASIS/asis-sigs.html and
selecting a new SIG is as easy as replying to this e-mail telling us what
SIG is to be replaced with which new SIG.

Richard Hill
Executive Director
American Society for Information Science and Technology
1320 Fenwick Lane, Silver Spring, MD  20910 
FAX: (301) 495-0810
Voice: (301) 495-0900

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